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Grwoing Together With Impression and Value

Daeyong Industry places top priority on customer satisfaction and grows with the world creating a greater value.

Grwoing Together With Innovation and Challange

Daeyong Industry is a world-leading company company based on constant challenge and innovation.

Grwoing Together Technology for future and beyond

Daeyong Industry strives to develop technology for the future, looking not just the near future but further beyond.


Quality first!
Your reliable Die-casting partner


Daeyong Industry has shown a remarkable growth since its establishment, and has become an important business partner in the global automotive industry that provides world-class service and quality. The reason why Daeyong Industry could have the best competitiveness in the aluminum die casting industry in Korea was due to the reliability of the products & customer requirements and management philosophy for high quality. We are looking forward to have a brilliant growth with you in the future.


Unethical Practice Reporting Center

Unethical Practice Reporting Center

Daeyong Industry strives to establish a clean and moral corporate culture in order to fulfill its corporate ethical responsibilities.